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The Mount McCaber Space Science Institute

Our Values

All of the Mount McCaber Space Science Institute’s highly trained and totally dedicated staff can say, without fear of contradiction, that they are 100% for:

We are committed to not placing “doing business” over “doing what is right”, and we build our relationships on integrity and consistency. We develop strict ethical principles and adhere to them. We are open, accountable and responsive and, should anything go horribly wrong, we have Government lawyers on speed dial.

We nurture a culture in which we accept tough challenges, drive new ideas and develop new technologies and processes to maintain our competitive edge and grow the quality of what we do. We show agility and timeliness in our response to complex, evolving needs and we assess our performance against the highest standards, taking action constantly to improve our methods of achieving our goals. Although Internet access would be nice. I’m updating this site in Mrs McNulty’s Tea Room. That’s just bonkers!



We respect our people, their aspirations, their need to develop their careers, their health and their well-being. We respect each other, and we believe in working together. We respect the environment. We respect our suppliers and collaborators and their contributions to our success. In doing so we encourage, recognise and coach our people; we pledge to develop our operations in a sustainable manner; we commit to choose what is best for our people and for the environment. And, yes, we shall go the ball! We shall put a man on the Moon and return him safely to the Earth before this decade is out!

We value our diversity, embracing our cultures and treating everyone with dignity and respect no matter how strange, disturbing or unearthly they might appear. We encourage those who constantly seek to do better, and we develop an environment where excellence can thrive, unfettered by prejudice or convention. We foster value creation through cooperation and teamwork and seek to reward outstanding achievements in the field of excellence.