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The Mount McCaber Space Science Institute

Corporate Responsibility

The Mount McCaber Space Science Institute is committed to a programme that holds it to the highest standards of corporate responsibility. This is in no way a response to the laws on Corporate Manslaughter which we only just learned about recently.

Diversity and Ethics

Drawing on the cultural heritage and ethical principles of its Founder, Sir Winston Churchill, MMSSI is committed to implementing policies for sustainability, transparency and social responsibility that reflect its corporate values and fully comply with the letter, at least, of the UN Charter on Human Rights.

Code of Ethics
MMSSI has adopted a Code of Ethics which mirrors the ethical engagement and the responsibility of the Institute to which any stakeholders, both internal and external, must refer (QUERY: Shouldn’t this be “adhere”? No? Are you sure?). The knowledge of, and the compliance with, its Code of Ethics are key to the Institute’s global transparency and international reputation.

Education and People

MMSSI aims to foster the highest standards of professional integrity and a culture of excellence and merit by encouraging its personnel to achieve their full potential through continuous improvement and innovation as well as the subtle doctoring of their CVs.


Our organisation is only too keenly aware of the social and economic importance of protecting the fragile environment of the planet on which we live and work, whichever one it currently is. The MMSSI promotes strategies and initiatives for eco-sustainable management of the environment and employees’ health and safety. We are proud of the fact that no staff members have been permanently killed since our founding in 1953.

Community and Social

As an integral part of the territorial and international communities in which it operates MMSSI recognises the value of social engagement and, in line with the practices of its funding organisation, the UK Government, MMSSI is committed to investing in educational, social responsibility and community projects, in particular through its outreach programmes to local orphanages and its long-standing financial support of the village tea room.