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A Personal Voyage of Growth and Discovery by Dr. Poppy Zeitgeist

Poppy’s On-Line Diary - Entry 1.

I’m so glad that the Institute has made this personal, private web-space available for me to record my thoughts, dreams and aspirations! And the fact that it is secret and secure means I can write anything I want without worrying about what the outside world might think!

A momentous day today! I was in the village supermarket buying some vegetarian, fairtrade, organic, gluten-free, whole-grain meusli mix and soya-derived cottage cheese substitute for my weekday lunches when I found myself staring at the display of un-waxed organic locally-sourced Granny Smith apples and decided, quite on the spur of the moment, that it was high time that I really ought to push myself to try something new, because apples aren’t the only fruit.

So I bought a Kiwi fruit. Just the one, of course, because I didn’t know if I was going to like them and they were a bit pricey. Still, I have to be prepared to push the boat out every now and then, to force myself to face life head-on, stare it straight in the face and say, “I will be different! I will try this weird and rather alien-looking fruit with it’s slightly disturbing skin texture. Because I’m not scared of new things. No, not me. Not at all.”

Anyway, I took it home, washed it thoroughly, as you would expect, and then tried it.

It was quite horrible. Later, Annabel told me that I should have peeled it first but how was I supposed to know that? It’s not like these sort of exotic fruits come with an instruction manual! Although maybe they should? Perhaps the government should do something about that?

Still, the point is that I saw it, decided to try something different and I actually followed through, even if it was a rather unpleasant experience overall. And I learned something new, about the whole peeling the skin thing, so all in all this was a day where there was a lot of both growth and discovery!

I wonder if it would have tasted better if I hadn’t boiled it for quite so long?