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The Mount McCaber Space Science Institute

Research Programmes at Mt. McCaber

Key areas of current research at the MMSSI include:

Transient Lunar Phenomena: Since its foundation the MMSSI has played an active role in the international programme to study these strange lights on the moon. Other than that, it has no comment to make.

Near Earth Object Surveys: Another of MMSSI’s long-standing interests has been the identification, classification and tracking of all kinds of objects that pass near the orbit of the Earth. Especially ones that linger a bit too long.

Laser Guided Adaptive Optics: Many astronomical institutes are studying the possibility of firing lasers into space in order to minimise the atmospheric turbulence which affects their telescopes’ performance. The MMSSI also has a very keen interest in firing powerful lasers into space.

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program: The MMSSI expects to achieve great things from this programme and is confident that its success will guarantee the Institute’s future funding by a grateful and compliant government. Although that will not, of course, be the UK government.

Transient Galactic Infrared Sources: Objects in space which generate heat must lose it somehow. This programme searches for the distinctive signatures of such thermal dumping because, truly, there is no stealth in space.

Transient Fluctuations in the Cosmic Microwave Background: The CMB permeates all space. Any solid object moving through it at near-light speeds will generate a detectable trail. Streamlining may reduce this signature but cannot eradicate it completely. Again, no stealth in space, people.

Community Outreach Programme: The MMSSI engages in in many charitable works, such as letting orphans see the swimming pool during holidays and spending much of it’s annual budget in Mrs McNulty’s Tea Room in the village. Also, Annabel does a lot of stuff on the telly which gives us a significant public profile.